Day of Infamy, by the creators of Insurgency

    Day of Infamy first started out as an early access game that takes you to the battlegrounds of Southern and Western Europe during World War II.  It is now out of the early access phase and features ten maps, ranging from war-torn cities to farm villages, fortified beachheads and snow-covered forests.  You can fight either for the U.S. Army, Commonwealth Forces or the German Wehrmacht, and there is a vast arsenal of over seventy historical weapons and attachments.

    Day of Infamy features nine player classes and ten objective-based game modes, providing different amount of experiences depending on what you’re looking for. The objectives range from capturing areas, assassinating officers, stealing enemy intelligence, and destroying anti-aircraft guns, fuel dumps and radio communication centers.  Multiplayer gameplay features large-scaled battles with many reinforcement waves, as well as smaller scale operations with objective-based reinforcements.  Cooperative gameplay features three distinct game modes against challenging AI enemy troops.

    With all the details out of the way, lets get down to the combat.

    Comparing Day of Infamy to more modern shooters and they could not be more different, which is a great and refreshing thing.  Day of Infamy is a more realistic shooter, it’s not one where you are just running around as a bullet-sponge and spraying away.  Day Of Infamy is a shooter where being shot actually will affect you a lot more which in turn causes you to be more careful on the battlefield and use tactics to advance.

    This creates for some intense World War II battles where you may be progressing along the battlefield, to only miss that character laying down that was aiming for you and end up dead.  There is something satisfying about it, because it feels as though everyone is on an equal playing-field when it comes to this game.  It’s not about what guns, pay-loads, perks or any of those possible things a player may have.  It boils straight down to tactics when playing this game.

    Day Of Infamy is like a battle of chess on the battlefield.  Tactics are necessary.

    Overall, it’s completely different than modern shooters which is a great thing!

    Day of Infamy has taken the shooter genre back to World War II and has really made it an immersive WWII FPS.  Days of Infamy requires a combination of tactics, teamwork, map knowledge and skill to really win at this game.  If you’re looking for a change from todays fast-paced genres of FPS, then look no further.

    Review by: Spencer “StormZtrooper” Breland

    Day Of Infamy Review