Welcome back to another featured DFG (Dumpster Fire Games) article where I break-down rumors/click-bait articles and give you real hard facts about the matter.  This weeks subject is The Witcher 4 with an old familiar foe of FragHero (for those who missed the last DFG article covering their garbage, you can check it out here).  FragHero this week has taken a quote from an interview and ran with it, regarding the next entry in The Witcher universe.

    To just highlight the credibility of FragHero, I’ve highlighted their errors below before jumping into their latest click-bait article for you:

    Now that I have proven just how wrong FragHero has been in the past, let’s jump into their clickbait article for this weeks DFG article.

    As FragHero’s headline suggests: 

    The quote in which FragHero references is from a quote from a TV interview with the CEO of CD Projekt Red which can be read below:

    When asked about a new “The Witcher”, he said that it is “too early to talk about it.” He assured, however, that “it is not so, that we forget about this brand. It would not be fair to the fans.”

    This quote can be taken in many different ways as the next game currently set in The Witcher universe is The Gwent card game, based of the card game set within The Witcher 3.  FragHero automatically assumed this is confirmation from CD Projekt Red as “The Witcher 4” being confirmed.

    The Witcher 3 was the end of a trilogy and the end for Geralt of Rivia, the main character of the series.  I highly doubt, if another RPG game was set in the Witcher universe, that it would be titled The Witcher 4 as it would have to drop the number so new-comers to the series would be able to jump in easily.  Now that I’ve told you about what FragHero said, let’s break down the truth behind the matter.

    What’s CD Projekt Red Up To?

    CD Projekt Red is currently developing two videogame projects.  The first project being Cyberpunk 2077, a RPG not set in the Witcher universe and the second project being a triple-A role-playing game set to release between 2017 and 2021.

    Slide from CD Projekt’s 2015 financial results conference.

    Back in May of 2016, Eurogamer spoke with CD Projekt co-founder Marcin Iwinski about the possibility the unknown triple-A role-playing game being The Witcher 4 and Iwinski had this to say:

    We are a publicly traded company so we cannot comment on that but I can assure you we are not working on another Witcher

    Now granted, the quote is a year old, but with two other major triple-A games being in development by CD Projekt Red, there is little time to be working on The Witcher 4.

    Iwinski went onto say in the Eurogamer article, 

    After Blood and Wine the studio will focus primarily on Cyberpunk 2077, as mentioned, and there has been a core team working on the game for a few years. The longer-term aim is to have four teams at CD Projekt Red making games; two big teams and two smaller teams.

    There are also plans for something else this year, “a new type of video game format previously unexplored by the studio”, according to the six-year plan.

    Slide from CD Projekt’s 2015 financial results conference.

    This new video-game type format was later revealed as Gwent, the card based game found originally in The Witcher 3, was getting its own stand-alone game.

    With confirmation of The Witcher 4 or any other Witcher game not being in development, I can only assume that the only Witcher content that we will be getting in the form of a game is Gwent, at least through 2021.  We may see other Witcher content through other media forms, at least one can hope.

    If you have any additional details to debunk this theory further or to even prove me wrong, you can email us at admin@gamingtreehouse.com, tweet us @GameTreeHouse or tweet me @StormZtrooper.  If you have a rumor that you would love for us to cover, you can also send those our way.

    I hope you enjoyed another article of Dumpster Fire Games and have learned more about what CD Projekt Red is up to!  Until next time, keep gaming!

    **Welcome to our new featured series, where we collect rumored game articles and discuss them. If you ever see the initials DFG on one of our articles, then please remember that it is a rumor and take it with a grain of salt. I will put this at the bottom of each article in this series.**