It’s finally begun, I’m jumping back into the world of The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt for the third time! I’ll be updating with a short text of my thoughts after each playthrough. Let’s do this everyone!

    Day 1: Well…. that was short lived. I ended up not being able to play my save file because I didn’t have all the DLC downloaded. Insanity has taken over me. God is trying to send a message for me not to play this game, lol.

    Day 2: With all the DLC finally downloaded, I re-entered the world of The Witcher. I started out finishing the Whoresome¬†Junior quest, greeted back to the game with piles of dead strumpets. I felt lost forgetting pieces of what I was doing the last time I was playing. I decided it was time to move on to a new area of the game. I moved on to The Skellige Isles. I did one main quest mission with Yennifer by my side. She won me over by saying that she likes that I grew my beard out. We later had sex on top of a unicorn. Kind of odd, but amazing none the less. Yenns the girl for me. After that, I decided that I needed to just roam around and try and feel out the open world. The diverse areas I encountered were refreshing, I saw traveled around beaches, forests and snowy mountaintops. CD Projekt Red definitely put a lot of time and care into this world. After finishing a few side quests, I signed off for the evening. I had more fun tonight than I did the whole other twenty-something hours of time I played previously. The open world is enchanting and well fleshed out. I still find the combat and movement a bit annoying. Overall, I’m quite surprised that I enjoyed my playtime this much.

    Day 3: Just like I tweeted, I can’t believe I’m enjoying this game as much as I am. I did one main quest mission that caused a grand storm to hit Skellige. The graphics of the storm were pretty amazing. Seeing the trees whip around was awesome. I won’t say what caused it, because¬†of spoilers. But I basically just did a ton of side quests and exploring. I was sailing between islands, fighting pirates and slayed an ice giant. I don’t have as much to say as I did from day 2, but I can tell you I’m enjoying this game a lot. I feel that I’m fully enveloped in this world as of now. I’m looking forward to playing more tomorrow. One thing has been bothering me, though. Geralt’s hair is constantly blowing around in the wind, even when I’m indoors. It’s so damn jarring.