Old Time Hockey Review

    Old Time Hockey is the first hockey game to bring back the nostalgia factor of me growing up as a kid and playing hockey games with my Dad.  Everything you remember from old hockey games makes a reappearance and it brings a smile to my face.  Old Time Hockey recreates old school hockey arcade games in a funky 70s style themed abound with afros, big moustaches and outfits to give you that 1970s feel.  If the looks aren’t enough, the zany 1970s soundtrack is sure to bring a smile to your face.  Old Time Hockey comes with two different modes that players can be excited about with a lot of control schemes to master.

    Two modes to play, but controls for everyone

    The first mode, Exhibition, allows the player to choose from ten different minor-league teams against A.I. or join up with four players in a local co-op setting.  The other mode, Story Mode, allows you to pick a team and play through a season of hockey games.  You will read newspapers, unlock hockey cards, try to improve your teams morale and navigate different parts of the story mode within the hub.  While the story mode is exciting, I found the exhibition more enjoyable as the controls I necessarily picked in exhibition mode, didn’t exactly transfer into the story modes controls which led to some confusion.  When I talk about controls, Old Time Hockey has different control schemes to make the game comfortable for everyone.

    For those looking for easier controls or you’re a first time player, you can choose from either Two-Button or Retro controls.  Two-Button controls allows you to play the game with only two-buttons, and I found this to be one of the more enjoyable modes as you’re not having to really focus on all the different controls.  Retro controls introduces a third button.  The next control mode called Advanced is for those who are a more hardcore type of hockey players and allows you to control your team or character a lot more than the previous modes which allows you to throw those hip checks!  The last mode titled, Beer Mode, allows you to play the game with one hand so you can hold the controller with one had and drink your beer with the other!

    The soundtrack is one of few soundtracks that I actually have just left the main menu open to listen to, it’s great!  The soundtrack features Dick Dale’s Hava Nagila to the late Stompin’ Tom Connors’s Hockey Song, the soundtracks in the game are 70s inspired and include popular renditions of folk songs that are often played on the organ in hockey stadiums.  It really gave the feel of the music you would hear at hockey games and it really beckoned me back to the days of going to hockey games.

    Let’s wrap this up

    Overall, if you’re looking for a hockey game that controls, looks and sounds like the old school hockey arcade games then Old Time Hockey is a perfect match.  There are different controls for the more casual audience and the hardcore audience or even those looking to crack open a beer and play.  Whether you’re punching other players, throwing hip checks, jamming out to the soundtrack or progressing through the story mode, there is enough here to make any hockey fan happy.  I did run into a few glitches that detracted from my review, but other than those I would recommend this game for anyone looking for a hockey game to play, especially fans of the genre.