Punch Club Review For Consoles

    Punch Club gave me the chance of becoming one of the best boxers around, one chance that lets be honest, I will never achieve in my life.  Not only does Punch Club allow me to do that, it allows me to do a lot more.  With Punch Club, your character is just living out his daily life of working out and finding a job before he is offered a chance to become a boxer, thanks to an Old man called Mick.  The overall goal of this game is to become the best boxer and own your own gym, but Punch Club takes you on a journey that definitely isn’t forgettable along the way.  Fighting Ninja Turtle styled Alligators? Check.  Delivering Pizzas? Check.  Fighting Crime? Check.  Should I keep going? It’s not only a boxing simulator but a life simulator at that.  A weird life simulator.

    Boxing Simulator Aspects…

    The overall aspect of this game is that it’s a boxing simulator.  It’s an okay boxing simulator at that, and to be honest, it’s one of the very few in the genre that is actually worth playing.  You train day-to-day working on three different skills to improve over the course of the game, strength, stamina & dexterity.  You improve these skills using different equipment such as weights, jump rope, punching bag, treadmill, etc.  You can even improve some of these skills depending on what current day job you have your character doing.  It’s fun to find ways to improve these skills, but the only downfall is these skills deteriorate over time.  Did you miss a day of working out or ate something bad the day before?  Don’t worry, this real life boxing simulator will make sure just as in real life, it affects you in a negative way.  This is where I had a problem with the game, the higher the skill, the more it negatively affected you at the end of each day.  It became very annoying, especially the days I mainly focused on working to get money to buy equipment to work out from home instead of paying a gym to work out.  The one thing it didn’t affect was the perks or skills that you unlocked permanently for the ring, which was split up in several categories.

    You have three different categories besides the basics that you can buff out, the way of the tiger, turtle or bear.  The way of the tiger represents the agility fighting style in which you want to max out your agility skill when working out.  The way of the bear represents the strength fighting style in which you want to max out your strength skill.  The last category, the way of the turtle is the dexterity fighting style in which you guessed it, you want to max out your dexterity skill.  I went with the way of the tiger, as my boxer was full agility!  Enough of the preparation for the ring, lets jump in!

    Let’s Jump Into The Ring

    Did I say let’s jump into the ring? You won’t be fighting just in the ring, but underground sewers, streets, illegal fight clubs, criminals etc.  Everything we talked about in the section above pays off here.  Depending on what skills you unlocked or which way you went, depends on how well your fighter will do against other fighters.  You don’t actually control your fighter in the ring, but he fights based off what skills you unlocked such as kick, dodge, punch, etc. so you better hope you prepared him for whatever fight he may face.  I will say, I lost a lot…..too much that I’m not proud of, but that didn’t stop me from going back and preparing to get my ass handed to myself again.  The different fights are what intrigued me about this game the most, little did I know a pizza delivery would have me fighting a ninja turtle spinoff of an alligator or animal inspired criminal or many other variations of fights.

    While everything leads to a fight, it’s everything before the fight that excites me the most…

    I think I was excited more about the pre-fight events then I was about the actual fights.  I bought one too many pizzas at the local store and was offered a job at a pizza delivery place which led me to fight a ninja-turtle style alligator, this is just one scenario that I found while living my daily life.  It’s little events or secrets like these that I found, that kept me coming back to Punch Club, not the fighting, but the actual life portion of itself.  The humor that I encountered with every event, left a smile on my face, that I still think about to this very moment.  This, this is why I stuck with this game.  If you love a parody take on certain movie elements, etc. then this is the game for you.

    Overall, fighting is decent, but I enjoyed the game for more than that…

    If you’re looking for a boxing simulator, Punch Club is what you’re looking for.  If you’re not necessarily a “boxing simulator” type person, Punch Club is still for you.  There is so much to find and uncover, that I kept coming back for more.  You could live out your pizza delivery crime fighting days if you wanted or you could become the best boxer around and own your own gym.  I did run into a few glitches that did interrupt the experience, but it’s nothing a quick reload of the game couldn’t help.  Despite the technical issues, you can live out whatever fantasy you desire in this boxing simulator.