State of Mind has crafted a story that has twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat.  The different stories that you experience will have you relating in more ways than one even though it takes place in a futuristic setting.  And yet, it seems to be lacking just a bit below the surface.

State of Mind’s strong point is its story.  It is one of those games that I don’t want to go too heavily into as there are a lot of those “OMG” moments and twists-and-turns that kept me saying just one more thing before having to put it down.  It’s almost like when you sit down to watch something on Netflix to realize it’s been five to six hours and you really only meant to watch one episode.

State of Mind is a futuristic thriller that focuses on transhumanism (the belief or theory that the human race can evolve beyond its current physical and mental limitations with the use of science or technology).  Not only does it focus on that, but it focuses on family drama such as affairs, separation and reunification set in a futuristic sci-fi world.

In the game, you control Richard and an A.I. counterpart throughout most of the game.  The game is more heavily a narrative focused game, so you will mainly just be going through the story; however, there are some other gameplay elements.  There will be times where you will be putting memories that you find together in a puzzle like element to unlock a new memory to play.  This memory normally focuses on one of the side characters that helps flesh out the story and the world around it.  It’s a brilliant way to find out different parts of the story, from different peoples view.

There are some other gameplay elements where you can control drones to scan individuals that you may be looking for or either controlling lasers to get rid of these drones in a tower-like defense system.  These are some interesting gameplay ideas, but they become repetitive and you kind of force your way through them so you can get back to the story.

I was given a Steam PC review copy, but decided to play with a Xbox One controller to simulate the console experience.  I noticed that when trying to walk around with the thumb-sticks, I would have to make larger turns when trying to walk as I couldn’t make sharp turns.  It may be something that is fixed with a patch, but it’s something that really annoyed me throughout my entire play-through.

The graphics were at often times a sight to behold as it is has that type of look that I think will stand up throughout time similar to cell-shaded graphics.  There was a point during the story where you could go to this art gallery called Liquid Sky and basically walk through this art gallery manipulating everything around you.  It was one of my favorite moments throughout the game as not only was I able to set up this beautiful scene, but it was such a smart way to do it as you walked through it dealing with an important subject of the story.

State of Mind is an excellent story to experience for fans of the more narrative driven games.  I can’t wait for others to experience it so that I can discuss more.


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