It has been almost seven years since we last saw a Bomberman game back on the Xbox 360 arcade and now in this new entry we see the explosive return of Bomberman in Super Bomberman R on the Nintendo Switch.

    Super Bomberman R at it’s core is a battle arena game where your character navigates the maze of a map blowing obstacles up with your bombs while trying to defeat enemies either human or A.I..  The simplicity of Super Bomberman R is where all of the thrill really lies whether you’re trapping an enemy into a corner with a bomb or just evading an explosion of a bomb, it’ll keep you going back for more.

    Super Bomberman R does come with a story mode that has somewhat of a cute, but forgettable story.  The story is represented with some anime cut-scenes, that may bring a smile to your face with it’s adorable simplistic humor.  The story allows you to play through around 50 or so stages with each 9th or 10th stage being a boss fight.  The boss fights are the main highlights of the story mode which presented me with some tough fights that felt satisfying when I would conquer my enemy.  The story mode does have a drop-in drop-out co-op mode which is great for allowing friends to play with you.  One of the issues that I did have with the story mode which is tied to the game itself is the camera.

    The camera view does try to capture the action by zooming in or out automatically, but does get frustrating in the process because enemies occasionally go out of frame or become hidden by the HUD.  It would have been great if I could have controlled the camera, instead of locking it.  Another issue that I have with the game, is that for the amount of content that comes with the game, the asking price is a little high compared to previous Bomberman titles.

    Even though I did have a couple issues with the game, Super Bomberman R nails it’s multiplayer.  There are multiple ways of playing multiplayer, either solo on the tablet or TV, two players in story co-op or battle using the left and right Joy-Con, four players on one Switch tablet locally, eight on the TV locally, eight via four to eight wifi-enabled Switches in the same room, or up to eight online.  You can also compete against AI enemies in the multiplayer battle mode.  With this many options of playing multiplayer, there is a way for everyone to jump in on the fun.

    Although there are many different ways to play, the actual multiplayer depth is less exciting.  You start out with eight maps and can unlock more variants using the obtuse in-game credits system.  You can also customize your bomberman with different head gear which is great for standing out from the crowd.

    Super Bomberman R when you get down to the core of the game itself, is a great launch title for the Nintendo Switch that will allow fun at home or on the go, solo or with friends.  If you can ignore the steep asking price compared to previous Bomberman titles, then there is a lot of fun to enjoy.

    Our review copy was provided by Konami after launch.  We would like to thank them for providing us with this copy so we could provide our readers with a review.