Taken from Major Nelson:

    Xbox One:

    Content Title Content Type Discount %
      Magic 2015* Xbox One Game 50%
      Call of Duty Ghosts Xbox One Game 50%
      NBA Live 15 Xbox One Game 35%
      Battlefield 4 Premium Edition Xbox One Game 50%
      PES 2015  Xbox One Game 33%
      Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes Xbox One Game 67%
      Evil Within* Xbox One Game 50%
      Wolfenstein the New Order Xbox One Game 50%
      Thief* Xbox One Game 67%
      The Crew + ACU Bundle* Xbox One Game 25%
      The Crew + Far Cry 4 Bundle* Xbox One Game 25%
      Assassins Creed Unity Xbox One Game 17%
      How to Survive Storm Warning Ed Xbox One Game 33%
      Lords of the Fallen Xbox One Game 40%
      Killer Instinct Double Ultra Bundle Xbox One Game 33%
      Powerstar Golf Full Game Unlock Xbox One Game 50%
      Kinect Sports Rivals Xbox One Game 50%

    Xbox 360:

    Content Title Content Type Discount %
    Resident Evil 5* Games on Demand 20-67%
    Resident Evil 6* Games on Demand 40-50%
    Resident Evil Code Veronica X* Games on Demand 20-67%
    ResidentEvil Raccoon City* Games on Demand 50-75%
    Resident Evil Revelations* Games on Demand 67%
    Skate 3* Games on Demand 75%
    NCAA 14 Games on Demand 67%
    Titanfall Game of the Year Edition* Games on Demand 75%
    Battlefield 4 Premium  Add-on 50%
    Transformers Fall of Cybertron Games on Demand 75%
    Transformers Rise of the Dark Spark Games on Demand 50%
    CoD Ghosts* Games on Demand 50%
    ACIV Season Pass* Add-on 50%
    Scott Pilgrim Arcade 50%
    Naruto Storm R Games on Demand 50%
    DBZ Budokai HD collection Games on Demand 50%
    Dark Souls II  Games on Demand 50%
    PES 2015  Games on Demand 33%
    Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Games on Demand 67%
    Thief Games on Demand 70%
    Tomb Raider Games on Demand 67%
    Sanctum 2 Arcade 75%
    Dungeon Defenders Arcade 75%
    The Evil Within* Games on Demand 50%
    How to survive Arcade 50%
    Dungeons & Dragons Daggerdale Arcade 50%
    Dungeons & Dragons Chronicles of Mystara Arcade 67%
    State of Decay – Breakdown Add-on 50%
    State of Decay – Lifeline Add-on 50%
    Max Curse of the Brotherhood Arcade 67%
    Halo Spartan Assault Arcade 66%
    Bioshock Infinite Games on Demand 85%
    Dance Central 3 Games on Demand 67%

    Daily Deals:

    Xbox One

    Content Title Content Type Discount %
    Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor Xbox One Game 33%
    Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor Season Pass Add-On 33%
    LEGO The Hobbit Xbox One Game 50%

    Xbox 360:

    Content Title Content Type Discount %
    Lego Hobbit Games on Demand 67%
    Lego Lord of the Rings Games on Demand 75%

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