By: James Catto
    For some players, Destiny’s Vault of Glass is a daunting task that has left them deciding to pass on making the effort to get through it.  On many forums regarding the game I have seen people who defend this choice by saying they exclusively play PvP or they do not care enough to try and find a group of people to take it on.  As most Destiny players can tell you, the highly notorious raid has no matchmaking service, leaving the player to make the effort to find people to help take on the challenge.  Admittedly, it also is filled with tiny bugs and errors that can cause your fireteam to wipe if you are unlucky enough to run into one, and is a time consuming journey, especially for a new player.  So with that being said, why should you make the effort?  Well, the first obvious answer is the loot.
    Vision of  Confluence, arguably the best Scout Rifle in Destiny

    Destiny offers players that have the kahunas to take on its toughest challenge with just about ALL of its best weapons.  Even if you are one of those PvP only players, the guns given out as rewards through its checkpoints are leaps and bounds above just about all other legendary weapons.  The Vault’s four primary guns are the only ones in the game that give you a damage type modifier, meaning they can shred tough baddies in PvE weekly and nightfalls.  That’s not all though, stat wise they are pretty amazing as well.  The Scout Rifle pictured above is considered the best in the game, fires full auto and gets more and more stability as you shoot.  The Fatebringer hand cannon has explosive rounds which staggers enemies combined with the firefly ability, which makes targets explode when killed with a precision shot and deals splash damage, and even speed reloads when you get that precision kill.  As a hand cannon guy, I can tell you this is flat out the best Legendary in slot and I haven’t even maxed it yet.  Do you really like Gjallarhorn but you can’t NOT use your Suros Regime in PvP?  Pick up the Vault’s Rocket Launcher Hezen Vengeance, which has the same kind of explosive mini spread after impact.  The Vault’s shotgun Found Verdict fires in full auto just like the Exotic Invective does, although not quite as fast. The LMG Corrective Measure is a steady firing beast that gives you a 100 shot clip with 50 extra rounds in PvP with a single heavy ammo box.  By far my favorite Heavy Weapon overall.  And of course, you get a chance at receiving the Vex Mythoclast, a primary exotic only obtained from beating the final boss of the raid on hard mode, and in my eyes tied with Suros for the best primary weapon in the game for PvP.  This thing was so godly when it first released it had to be nerfed, and even now it’s still insane.  Finally, is there an exotic weapon you want terribly and has you praying to get lucky with the RNG? Well, the Raid offers you a few extra cracks at getting all of those guns also each week.  But there is yet another reason entirely to get in on the raiding that has nothing to do with the loot.  Meeting some new people.
    A PvP squad is much more effective when all it’s members talk and are competent.

    I’ll be the first person to admit that when it comes to playing online games I do not like talking to people I don’t know.  But the rewards in the Vault were too awesome and too enticing for me to pass on so I knew I would have to suck it up.  At this point, I have two friends I know in real life that play Destiny with me consistently.  We found a few guys on a website called DestinyLFG, which is pretty much a message board for people looking for a group to run all things in the game.  These guys actually ended up being pretty cool to talk to and fun to play with, and I now have a solid group of friends on PSN I met through trying to run the Vault.  Not only that, but they are also skilled in the Crucible, and when we put our Raid fireteam together and decide to PvP, we are a pretty damn good group. Communication and teamwork do wonders for any kind of multi-player.  Not having to feel the stress of carrying a dead weight player, or someone who will quit and leave you at a big disadvantage is awesome.  If PvP is your big niche, raid and find competent players to add to your friends list and help strengthen your chances to win.  Having a lot of good friends ready and waiting to run weekly hard and nightfall strikes is great and makes it a piece of cake to do every Tuesday. The Vault of Glass still won’t be a cakewalk, though.
    Hawkmoon, the last weapon I truly want that has eluded me.

    The Raid is a mix of challenging puzzles, swarming tough enemies, and strong bosses.  But if you put together a group of equally tough Guardians that talk and work together, you will crack it in no time.  Be warned though, you won’t just walk though it once or twice and get everything you want. You have to work for this gear, but everything worth earning requires hard work. Even now after many runs on hard mode I haven’t received everything I want, but I have been rewarded with a solid arsenal that puts me ahead of the pack from people afraid to run it, I completed the hardest and most challenging thing the game has to offer, and I have made a few friends along the way that not only are cool guys, but good players that make me better in the crucible.  As Lord Shaxx likes to say, “Step Up, Guardians.”