2k Games announced today that Evolve will release on October 21st, 2014.  They also revealed that four new hunters will be appearing in the game in addition to the original four that was already announced.

    The first hunter revealed is an assault class and his name is Hyde.  His main ability is that he has a flamethrower which means he is in the monsters face constantly.  Hyde also has toxic grenades.

    The second hunter revealed is a medic and his name is Lazarus.  His main ability is that he can bring people back to life.

    The third hunter revealed is a trapper and her name is Maggie.  She has a pet named Daisy, who has a keen sense of smell that can track the monster.  Maggie also has harpoon mines

    The fourth and final hunter revealed is the support class and his name is Bucket.  He is a robot so he can pop his head off and fly it around the map to locate the monster.  Bucket can also pop open his belly and allow sentry guns to come out.

    Stay tuned to G4X for more info, but while you wait check out the trailer showing off these new hunters: