By: Nick Catto
    The showing of Final Fantasy 7 at Playstation Expierence may have been the biggest troll in all of gaming. Everyone thought it would be the Final Fantasy 7 HD remake they’ve been dreaming of for years, then they announced it was just a port of the PC version. They even trolled you with the way they announced it. They didn’t just come out and say it was the PC version, they just jumped right into the trailer with you thinking it was the HD remake. The looks on everyone’s faces when they saw the graphics was a once in a lifetime experience. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse Square Enix announces that the port of a port will set you back $16. Right now on the game is $12 on Steam, and $10 for PS3, Vita and PSP. Do you think $16 is too expensive? Let us know!