By: Nick Catto
    What a year 2015 has been for gaming! In a few years this might be considered one of the all time greats. With the quantity of amazing games that came out, Walt and I decided to do a Game Of The Year post where we break down why a specific game should win GOTY. Fallout 4 was originally going to be my pick, but then I had a revelation this Thanksgiving break. I was bored out of my mind Thanksgiving morning waiting for my brother to wake up, so I decided to flip on Twitch. I went to Super Mario Maker and watched SnarfyBobo play for about two hours straight. During that stream I thought to myself, “this game is freaking awesome”. Right then I realized that Super Mario Maker was the game that took my life by storm in 2015, not Fallout 4. While I still believe Fallout 4 will win GOTY, Mario Maker is the true winner in my heart. Walt said “list mode activate” in his post or something close to that, so I’ll say clutch mode activate, because that’s what Super Mario Maker is.
    Gameplay Perfected

    Gaming Bible 101: Mario is platforming perfection. It’s been the same for 20+ years and will never need to change. Mario Bros is the golden standard for all of gaming. The end. 
    Endless Possibilities

    Super Mario Maker is truly an endless game. Part of what makes this game so special is seeing the creations gamers come up with. Whether it’s a level that plays itself or a challenging puzzle that requires you to backtrack multiple times, the game constantly makes you think “how did they come up with this”. Mario Maker also has a comprehensible building system which anyone can understand. The game doesn’t just throw you in the deep end. With the unlock system it teaches you how to use each piece and allows you to tinker with them before unlocking newer pieces. By the time you unlock everything you’ll be a master of every piece. Between Super Mario Maker and Minecraft, the younger generation of gamers might be inspired to become game designers. 

    Challenging Your Friends

    Super Mario Maker is the perfect challenge between friends. You can build levels designed specifically for them and go back and forth forever. The video above is a great example of a friendly rivalry between video game journalists, Dan Ryckert and Patrick Klepek. Ryckert creates hardcore levels and challenges Klepek to attempt to defeat them. Klepek has beaten him in every attempt so far. These two even raised over $10,000 for charity doing one of these challenges. This could be you and one of your friends.  

    The Super Mario Maker Community

    Finally to the final point. The Super Mario Maker community is insanely awesome. Most places on the internet are vile and full of trolls, but not the Mario Maker communities. I personally am part of three groups on Twitter and Facebook. People post their levels for the others to play and discuss advice for being a better player or level creator. Everything about the Mario Maker community is positive. If you play this game, I highly recommend joining a group on Facebook or Twitter.