With the recent Halo Wars easter egg in the Phantom Dust trailer at E3, Frank O’Conner decided to address it in a recent NeoGAF AMA.  The easter egg in the trailer can be seen below with the image that it references:

    HaloWarsEasterEgg HaloWars-PhantomDust


    A user asked, “Do you have anything to share about Halo Wars 2?” and Frank O’Conner responded, “Not at the moment and that poster was just a coincidence.”



    The user then said, “Ok.  Do you really expect me to believe you after your constant denial of Halo 2 Anniversary?” and O’Conner replied, “Read what I wrote carefully.”.



    Frank O’Conner said they did not have anything to share at the moment on Halo Wars 2 which ultimately means they are either currently working on it or tossing around ideas on where to take the sequel.  I expect we will hear more on it after the launch of Halo 5 next year as this will probably be the filler game until the next sequel Halo game after Halo 5.

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