By Matthew Harnig

    The first thing I have to say about the PlayStation experience is greatness awaits. From seeing the the next uncharted to the next step for indie games, I was always on the fence on which console is going to bring the next big thing as far gaming. That could be anything from games to hardware. I have to say at first Xbox One had me for games, with Titanfall and of course Halo Master Chief Collection. Now that I’ve seen what PS4 is bringing to the table as far as exclusives I may go with Sony now. At E3 the final installment in the Uncharted series was announced. We saw the cool little preview, but now that I saw the gameplay and the amazing new features, it reminded me how good Uncharted is. In opinion Uncharted stole the show but that was just one the many games to look forward to for next year. Another installment that I’m looking forward to is the HD version of Final Fantasy 7. Now like almost everyone that was watching the press conference, when I saw the Final Fantasy 7 logo I was so blown away that I couldn’t comprehend what I was looking at, then I realized it was just a port of the PC version and not the HD remake everyone was hoping for. That being said I’m still very excited to play this amazing adventure once again even though it was a huge slap to the face for gamers. 

    Nate Climbing up the rock ledge.

    Now on the indie games. No Man’s Sky seems to be the game most indie fans can’t wait to get their hands on and for good reason. While watching the gameplay I got to see all the possible adventures, awesome exploration possibilities and the many diverse planets in the galaxy that you can explore. This game only has one question mark. Other then exploring huge new worlds and seeing the creativity the makers put into this game, what do you do? Why do we go to these planets? I’m sure its a question most gamers are asking. Once this question is answered for me then I’ll have full support for this interesting indie coming to the PlayStation Nation.

    Colorful and Rich landscape in No Man’s Sky
    There wasn’t much in the way of PlayStation hardware other than new little gizmos and gadgets. There were some demos on Project Morpheus and I’m sure they had some other little things on the displays at the Experience but there wasn’t really anything most gamers haven’t already seen. Hopefully Sony shows some more great ideas for hardware in the coming year.
    That’s all my thoughts on PlayStation Experience guys. Let me know what you guys are excited for and if there is anything you want me to look into. I’m excited to see what greatness awaits for PlayStation in 2015. Also take a look at my friend James’ blog on his thoughts on PlayStation, its a good read.