By: Nick Catto
    Playstation Experience is this afternoon and it’s sure to be epic. Last year’s Playstation Experience was chock-full of announcements ranging from Kratos being an exclusive character in Shovel Knight, to the Final Fantasy 7 PC port fiasco, or better known as the “troll heard around the world”. Last year I stood out of my seat cheering for some announcements and I know the same will happen this afternoon. So without further adieu, here are my three dream PSX 2015 announcements. (Some will be longer than others) 

    1. God of War Reboot Featuring Norse Gods
    Sony Santa Monica Studio Creative Director Cory Barlog let slip that they will be working on a new God of War game. However, we have no details on the game whatsoever. The franchise has suffered some fatigue after Ascension and needs to be reinvigorated. A reboot would be perfect for God of War. Rumors have swirled around about a “Goddess” of War, obviously featuring a female protagonist and the possibility of fighting Norse gods. I’m on board with a male or female lead role. Kratos may be my favorite video game character, but his story is finished and a new protagonist would help the franchise tremendously. Fighting Norse gods is the route Santa Monica must go though. The best way to mix the franchise up would be to have different adversary’s to create a new and unique plot line. An epic battle against Thor would be a dream come true! Please make this happen Sony! 
    2. Playstation Vita Price Cut To $99.99
    It’s no secret that the Vita has been a failure sales wise for Sony. While the system is a great piece of hardware with good games to play, it’s just to expensive. The Vita currently sits at $199.99 which is pretty expensive for a handheld system in my opinion. On top of that you need to buy a memory stick which costs upwards of $50. Knowing the Vita is already on the way out, $250 is to high of a price point to make gamers want to jump in the Vita ecosystem. The best way to combat this is to lower the price of the Vita itself to $99.99. Consumers always fall for the one cent below triple digits tactic. While Sony might lose money on hardware sales, they’ll make it up in content sales from all the new Vita owners. I think the price cut is the perfect way to breath new life into the Vita. Hell, I’ll jump in for $100!  
    3. The Ability To Change Your PSN Tag
    While I may be satisfied with my PSN tag, others certainly aren’t. This might be the most requested feature of all time. I feel badly for those who made a dumb tag name eight years ago and are stuck with it to this day. Sony could also make a ton of money off this venture. Some gamers would probably pay $50 to change their name. Please Sony, let them change their tag names!