By: Nick Catto
    The classic Mega Man series is one of my favorite series in all of video games. I was playing through Mega Man 2 this morning and it motivated me to rank the games. When I did my top 25 favorite games, Mega Man 3 and 2 were in it. Though none of the others were in my top 25, they’re all very important and special games to me. Each game was gruelingly difficult and just a pure gameplay experience. The Mega Man games have seen a ton of changes over the years in terms of gameplay mechanics and graphics. I’m not going to explain my reasoning on this post as to why this is my order because I’ll be writing a separate article on each game. I do not have a time table as to when the articles will be written so I’ll let you know ahead of time when one will be posted. Here’s my personal order. 
    10. Mega Man 8

    9. Mega Man 7

    8. Mega Man 6

    7. Mega Man 

    6. Mega Man 10

    5. Mega Man 5

    4. Mega Man 4

    3. Mega Man 9

    2. Mega Man 2 

    1. Mega Man 3    

    Stay tuned to find out a more in depth reason as to why this is my order. Let me know in the comments if you agree with my order!