By: Nick Catto
    Sonic the Hedgehog is a franchise that is near and dear to my heart. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 was the first game I played as a kid. An article surfaced this morning from the creators of Sonic Boom saying that a single player Sonic game can no longer thrive in this day and age. This outraged me when I read it. I’m not your typical biased, buy any Sonic game that comes out fanboy. I only buy a Sonic game if it looks good, which as of late has been sparse. So I ask the million dollar question, should Sega kill off Sonic? My answer is mixed and the correct one for all Sonic fans. I’ll break it down for you now. 
    To everyone who says a great modern Sonic game can’t be made, I give you Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations. Two new age Sonic games that sold well and got great reviews. Both scored in the 8’s across multiple gaming sites. These two games signify how to make a Sonic game correctly. If they make more games like these two then the franchise can stay alive. Sonic is all about moving at a fast but manageable speed, while platforming and listening to great music. For some unknown reason Sega has brain lapses and forgets this from time to time. They have the perfect formula right in front of them and for some unknown reason they keep tampering with it. Review wise, Sonic games will never get in the 9’s anymore but they can thrive in the 8’s. Stick with what these two games offer and Sonic can live. 
    Above are two images that signify complete failure. This is what happens when you tamper with the Sonic formula. If Sonic continues like this, I want the franchise to be killed off. When Sonic Unleashed came out I thought it was the most offensive thing to happen to Sonic. You make the daytime stages so fast you can’t even control or see what you’re doing, then, they make this abomination called a “Werehog”. WTF were you thinking Sega!? In no way was this a good idea. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall in the meeting that the Werehog got ok’d. Sonic games aren’t beat’em ups, don’t try this ever again Sega. Please stick to the formula. I need a whole separate paragraph for Sonic Boom…   
    When Sega came out and said what he said this morning I was fuming mad. I stated above the Sonic Unleashed was the most offensive thing to happen to Sonic, and it was. Then enter Sonic Boom. This game is the most offensive thing to a Sonic fan. Sega needs to realize what they did wrong! Sonic Boom flopped because you created a shitty game, not because they’re can’t be a good single player Sonic game anymore! You changed Sonic into a hipster and made Knuckles a roid rager! Then you tried to cram a bunch of bullshit like grappling hooks, vehicles and slow speeds into the game! A Sonic game should never be slow! On top of all of this, you released the game before it was ready. This game had so many bugs and glitches. You could literally skip half the damn game by falling through the level! I repeat, YOU CAN SKIP HALF THE GAME BY FALLING THROUGH THE LEVEL! If you keep making incomplete, stupid games then Sonic will fail and needs to die. My childhood hero deserves much better than this. Also before anyone jumps down my throat I know that they teamed up with another studio to help make this. It doesn’t justify this at all. This game was clearly a cash grab to set up the Sonic Boom TV show. Sega made an all-time screw up with this game. 
    Sega, it is completely your fault that Sonic sucks now. You have the tools to fix it but you choose not too. Don’t say a single player Sonic game doesn’t have a place anymore. Generations and Colors are proof that it does. Sonic Boom doesn’t have a place, Sonic 2006 doesn’t have a place, Unleashed doesn’t have a place. Make Sonic right and for the love of god, actually finish the game so it isn’t glitchy or buggy. 
    So, should Sega kill off Sonic? If they do right by the character and game it should stay. But if they attempt another game like Sonic Boom then it needs to die. My guess is Sega will attempt another game like Sonic Boom rather than going back to Generations or Colors. Sonic still has the potential to be great, but I’d rather never see him again then see him like this… 
    I wrote this quickly, in about 20 minutes to be exact so sorry if it isn’t the best. Just had to get this off my chest quickly. Let me know in the comments below what you think! Thanks for reading guys, keep on gaming!