Insomniac Games has unveiled, which we leaked a few days before it was revealed, the Chaos Squad which is the multiplayer portion of Sunset Overdrive features eight player co-op.  Players can choose to enter a Chaos Squad match anytime with their friends by entering a photo booth.

    Once players enter a match, they find two mission types to vote on. They will play five or six rounds then enter Night Defense, a wave-based tower defense-like final round. The full Chaos Squad sequence takes roughly 20-25 minutes.

    In Night Defense, a Chaos meter, which accrues depending on which mission types players vote for and complete, dictates the difficulty of the final round. The higher the Chaos level, the harder the Night Defense, and the greater the rewards at the end.

    Night Defense has players protecting vats of OverCharge located in one of several forts from oncoming waves of soda-thirsty mutants. Not only can players hold off the enemies with weapons, traversal skills and crafted character abilities, but they can also strategically place traps before and during each wave. A variety of traps and special abilities can be unlocked throughout the game.

    Check out a multiplayer game demo commentary with Insomniac’s Ted Price below:

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