By: Nicholas Catto – Insomniac’s Sunset Overdrive is one of a kind. I’ve played a fair share of open world games, but none have ever made me want to explore more than Sunset did. I lost countless hours just exploring Sunset City, wanting to see every nook and cranny this game had to offer. If you’re on the fence about playing this game just know it’s worth every penny.
    Stunning Visuals
    Visually, Sunset Overdrive may be unmatched. It has a cartoon-esque vibe with vibrant colors and detail. Insomniac got everything from explosions to the sparks that come off of your crowbar while grinding correctly. When in combat, the insane color detail shows through more prominently. You can easily tell the weapons were designed so show off the color work. The gun that comes to mind is the Roman Candle. Shooting the Roman Candle just simply looks amazing. When enemies are defeated they explode, shooting out orange overcharge that can sometimes spell something funny in the air. Graphically this game is a work of art.
    Up Your Arsenal
    The weapons in Sunset Overdrive are a major part in what makes this game amazing. While one or two guns are serious, most of your arsenal is satiric. I don’t want to spoil the myriad of guns so here is just a few examples. The “TNTeddy, AK-FU, High Fidelity, and The Roman Candle”. The TNTeddy is a launcher that shoots exploding teddy bears at enemies (go figure). The AK-FU is like a regular AK-47 except with way more middle finger. The High Fidelity is a machine gun that shoots vinyls. Its good for clearing large groups of weak enemies. Finally we have The Roman Candle, and just as you would expect, it just shoots roman candles. Almost every gun in this game is over the top and badass.
    Wall Running Over a Horde of Enemies
    No game has ever made traversing a map so much fun. Whether you’re wall running, grinding, bouncing or air dashing its just simply a blast. Almost every game with a decent sized map offers some form of fast travel system. Sunset Overdrive offers one, but I never used it. This is the first game where I didn’t use the fast travel system. When receiving quests I sometimes hoped it was far away, just so I could grind and fly around the map. It’s a pure joy to just move around in Sunset City.
    The Hero the City Neither Wants or Needs
    The combat system in Sunset Overdrive is amazing. It’s a combination of all the amazing guns and the traversal. Each gun you carry effects certain enemies differently. Some weapons are very effect, others are very weak. To make your guns and character better they added a system called “Amps”. You equip them to your different weapons and character for added effects. Staying off the ground by grinding and bouncing helps you stay out of harms way and builds your “style meter”. The higher your style combo gets, the more powerful your amps get. The moment of combat that sticks out to me most is when I was grinding on a roller coaster, blasting hordes of O.D. with my Roman Candle, while chasing after a boss. Blasting your enemies away in style is awesome on so many different levels.
    “The King”
    While Sunset Overdrive is an amazing game I still have a few qualms with it. Overall the story was decent but it dipped in quality at some points. This was mostly due in part to some lame characters. I’m not entirely sure if the lame characters were put in on purpose, it wouldn’t surprise me. It’s hard to describe the dip in story quality or lame characters without spoiling some of the game, so just take my word for it. While this isn’t a huge deal its still note worthy.
    One of the Many Hangout Spots in Sunset City
    I’m not one to end reviews on a bad not so I saved the best of last. Sunset Overdrive is the second funniest game I’ve ever played, only behind South Park: The Stick of Truth. Sunset Overdrive is the most YOLO game I’ve ever played. You’re character breaks the 4th wall and pokes fun at almost every cliche in video games. The character customization is on par with Saints Row, so you know it gets crazy. The game has a profanity filter in the options to turn curse words off, which is lame to do. The cursing makes it that much funnier. I’ll leave you with one quote from your character. “We will either defeat the horde of enemies and be heroes or we will die, and in that case we will still have kick ass respawn animations”.
    The Verdict
    Insomniac Games has made some amazing games ranging from Ratchet and Clank to Resistance but Sunset Overdrive is their best game to date. It’s such a special game and is currently the best game you can get for next-gen hardware. It’s a profanity laced, joyride from start to finish. From guns, to visual effects everything about Sunset City is fun, but just remember, its your Awesomepocalypse. Do yourself a favor, if you own an Xbox One get yourself this game.
    • Graphics
    • Guns, Guns, Guns
    • Traversal
    • Great Combat
    • Hilarious 


    • Weak Characters
    • Story Quality Dips At Times