By: Nick Catto
    It’s not a secret that I love Yacht Club Games Shovel Knight. As of right now its my game of the year for 2014. Shovel Knight is proof that you don’t need super high quality graphics and tons of money to make an amazing game. All you need is amazing gameplay, good level design and a decent yet funny story. When Sony revealed at Playstation Experience that Shovel Knight would be coming to Playstation consoles I was beyond excited. Watching the trailer gave me urge to want to play it right away, and then Kratos jumped down. This came out of left field and left me almost speechless. I said three words very loudly, those words were “WHAT… WHAT.. WHAT!” Sony basically said Nick, I know bringing this game to PS4 and Vita is enough for you, but we are also going to add your favorite video game character of all time into it. You’ve blown my mind Sony, congrats. 
    Shovel Knight has always belonged on Playstation platforms in my eyes. PS4 and Vita are filled with so many great indie games that Microsoft and Nintendo won’t touch. I feel like Playstation is the home of the indies and it makes sense for Shovel Knight (the best indie game of the year) to be at home. The addition of Kratos will give it the Sony spin that will make the game better and more salable. If you grew up playing 2-D plat-formers like Mario, Mega Man and Castlevania, Shovel Knight will be a treat for you. It pays homage to all three of those games by taking elements that made them great and blending them with the new ideas of Shovel Knight. 
    Shovel Knight will feel most at home on Vita. It’s almost tailor made for it. It’s the perfect drop in for a few minutes then drop out game. That being said it will feel great on PS4 as well. Hell, it’ll feel good on almost anything. Shovel Knight is just a pure gameplay experience. It takes skill to be good at this game. Shovel Knight also offers the perfect amount of challenge. If you have a Playstation console please do yourself a favor and shovel this game into your library, it truly is the best game of this year. Sorry for the horrible shovel pun. For Shovelry!