Below is a recap of the stream, please note this has been edited for any future readers that missed the actual live-stream:

    1:03 p.m. – Witcher 3 will launch on February 24th, 2015.


    1:04 p.m. – The box-art has been revealed.  See below:


    1:04 p.m. – Game content will be the same across all consoles, no exclusive DLC

    1:05 p.m. – It will come with a game manual, a Witcher universe compendium, a game map, soundtrack & stickers.  This is will all be included with the standard edition.

    1:06 p.m. The Witcher 3 Collectors edition comes with a Geralt statue, 200 page art book, steel cover, wolf medallion & standard edition items.  See trailer of it below:


    1:10 p.m. – Witcher 3 Digital Version (console version will be revealed at the end of the year), the PC version will be DRM-Free, and will come with a digital art-book, bonus videos & detailed map.

    1:11 p.m. The following is exclusive at GOG, game soundtrack, comic book, concept artwork, custom made wallpaper & Neverwinter Nights game.  If you own Witcher 1 & Witcher 2, you get a loyalty discount at GOG (5% off).  Find out more about GOG edition here.

    1:14 p.m. – The trailer shows off epic monsters as well as Geralt’s long lost love, Yennefer, who has been mentioned in the game but never shown. Ciri, Geralt’s some what adopted daughter, also features in the trailer as the possible cause of the titular Wild Hunt.  See the trailer below:

    1:15 p.m. – More gameplay will be revealed at E3.

    1:16 p.m. – GOG portion of the stream has begun.

    1:17 p.m – GOG galaxy announced, which is basically DRM free online activity.  Check out the trailer below:

    1:21 p.m. – “With GOG Galaxy, your game will always launch. No online activation required … Being online will always be optional.” If users wish to play online with friends, they’ll need to connect; sharing achievements online with friends will also require a profile. GOG Galaxy will also include a cross-play feature that allows them to game with friends who have titles on other online venues.  The following example was given, one player owns game on Steam, Other play owns game on GOG.  Thanks to Galaxy, both can play with each other.

    1:22 p.m. – The Witcher Adventure Game will come to both PC and Mac later this year and allow cross-play on Steam or GOG, thanks to the newly announced GOG Galaxy. However, CD Projekt RED is currently accepting applications for beta testing via the newly-revealed GOG Galaxy distribution system. If you visit, you can add your name to the list of beta testers.  Check out the trailer below:

    1:24 p.m. – If you pre-order Witcher 3 at GOG, you will receive 2 beta keys for the Witcher Adventure Game and will receive access first.

    Witcher 3 Bonus

    1:26 p.m. – Video of the making of the statue for Witcher 3 is currently being shown.  The video is below:

    1:28 p.m. – The stream is over, stay tuned to G4X for all of your E3 coverage.